Network Status

Updates on open issues.

Network Status

Current Network Issues

January 12, 0830EST – We are investigating wireless interference affecting Cambium network customers south of downtown Baltimore. We expect to post an update by 1100EST.

All of our monitored networks are currently operating normally.

If you’re experiencing an issue on our network,
please send a text message to 844.390.1125, or
call us at 410.637.3707 or 850.622.0622 to report a problem,
or click here to send us a message.

Recent Updates

November 11, 8:30pm – Internet service providers around the country are reporting issues with YouTube and other major sites being unavailable., which tracks internet disruptions, noted more than 280,000 reports of problems as of 7:30 p.m. EST. YouTube TV received some 20,000 reports of problems. 

November 10, 7:07am – We believe all issues in Baltimore City have been resolved.

November 10, 6:36am – We are currently working to resolve an authentication server issue affecting some customers in Baltimore City. ETR is 8:00am.

August 12, 8:12pm – At this time all storm-related issues appear to be resolved, if you are experiencing an issue please follow the steps below.

August 12, 7:03pm – Issues in North and East Baltimore have been resolved, but one of our downtown towers is currently without power. Working with BGE to restore electrical service. Current ETR is 8:00pm.

August 12, 5:32pm – We are working on several storm-related local outages in North and East Baltimore. Current ETR is 6:45pm

August 6, 7:05am – Backhaul issue affecting some North Baltimore customers has been resolved.

August 6, 6:11am – We are investigating a backhaul issue affecting some North Baltimore customers. Current ETR is 0715.

August 3, 9:15am – Outages in north and east Baltimore related to Tropical Storm Isaias passing through the region have been cleared.

August 3, 8:55am – We are currently working on several small outages in north and east Baltimore that are related to Tropical Storm Isaias passing through the region. Current ETR is 1015EDT.

July 27, 8:35am – We’ve completed repairs to the access point serving fixed wireless customers in eastern Baltimore.

July 27, 10:28PM – One of the access points serving fixed wireless customers in eastern Baltimore is offline, affected customers have been moved to a backup circuit and may experience sub-standard connection speeds while we replace that equipment.

July 27, 1:23PM – Cox Communications has replaced the failed equipment at Cabana Club and the network there is functioning normally.

July 26, 5:15PM – Our Cabana Club location in Destin is currently offline due to an equipment failure. We are working with Cox Communications to replace the equipment, with time of resolution estimated for 12pm on July 27.

July 24, 7:15PM – Storm-related issues in the Baltimore area have been addressed and all circuits should be fully restored. We are closely monitoring all networks in light of continued storm activity in the area.

July 24, 7:00PM – Intense thunderstorm activity in the Baltimore area has resulted in several local outages. We are working to resolve these with an estimated time of resolution of 8:00PM.

July 17, 5:45AM – The routine maintenance on our North Baltimore distribution point scheduled from 0400-0600 is now complete.

March 1, 4:38PM – All connections routed through our mid-Baltimore distribution center have been restored.

March 1, 3:34PM – Most connections routed through our mid-Baltimore distribution center have been restored. We are continuing to work on an issue affectng the Cecil, Winthrop, and University One properties.

March 1, 2:54PM – We are currently experiencing a problem at our mid-Baltimore distribution center. We have dispatched a technician and are awaiting further details from the site.

February 7, 3:42PM – Our primary authentication system had to be rebooted this afternoon, and some routers have not re-authenticated. If you are unable to connect to the Internet, please power-cycle your router (remove the power cord, then put it back in), wait 3-5 minutes, and your router should re-authenticate. If that doesn’t work, please call us at 410.637.3707.

January 30, 10:42AM – Most customers affected by this morning’s core routing issue have had service restored, and we are working with individual customers to reach complete resolution. If you are experiencing any issue and have not heard from someone at Port Networks, please call 410.637.3707.

January 30, 9:42AM – Our apologies, the issue affecting central and eastern Baltimore locations has proven more complex than we originally expected. We have technicians replacing a core routing engine to restore service. New estimated time of resolution is 1030EST.

January 30, 4:07AM – An unexpected power cut at one of our core locations is impacting service for customers in central Baltimore. Technicians are working on the issue. Estimated time of resolution is 0800EST.

January 7, 7:35PM – Service has been restored for the segment of our network in northern Baltimore that was experiencing an issue.

January 7, 7:05PM – We are currently investigating a problem affecting a segment of our network in northern Baltimore. More details will be posted as soon as available.