We’re Little

Scale has it's advantages, but big companies tend to treat you badly. We're a small business passionate about giving people an Internet connection they'll love.

We’re Local

While our competitors chase global deals and send their support calls offshore, we'll always be a team of techs who live and work in the markets we serve.

We’re Low Cost

Delivering value is really important to us. We believe that the Internet should be affordable for everyone, and that no one should be treated like a sucker.

  • Port Networks has
    restored my faith in the belief that
    as a customer I am important.

    Melissa Y.
  • Thank you, Port Networks! After suffering with Comcast business service (mostly lack of) since we opened our company in March, we have now had excellent service after switching to Port Networks. Great people, great service!

    Sue G., Talentor USA, Inc.
  • Faster and far more dependable than our previous provider. Excellent customer service provided along with an affordable price makes Port Networks one of the city's best choices for internet access in Baltimore.

    Rob B.
  • I have had Port Networks internet service for over a year now and it has been amazing. No issues at all with service interruption. They are very quick to address any questions I have had. The install team was extremely professional and friendly. They worked efficiently and were very thorough in explaining the set up. They are a proactive company with a proactive staff. I would highly recommend.

    Todd C.
  • Professional installation.
    Finally finished with cable
    and the terrible customer service
    that comes along with it!

    Paul G.
  • Live in Hampden. Been with Port Networks for a year and 1/2 now. Had no real trouble with wifi on my computer, phone or tv. Lost service a couple of times, but just reset the router and everything was fine minutes later (which is not out of the ordinary with any service). Feels good to be supporting an alternative to Comcast and encourage others to follow.

    Steven P.
  • I’m a big fan of you guys. I just talked to you up to my Uber driver yesterday.

    Chris M.

Our Guarantees

We challenge the big providers to match these simple promises.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Love us or leave us, no contracts or commitments.

Lifetime Price Guarantee

What you pay for your plan will never increase.

No Fee Guarantee

You’ll never be surprised by a hidden extra.

Open Internet Guarantee

We'll always support full Net Neutrality.



Give your team better Internet.



Cut the cord, our network
was built for streaming.


When you're not at the beach,
you're going to need Wi-Fi.


Stay connected by more
than your dock lines.