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Our Core Values

We’re here to help others.

We do what’s right, not just what’s right for us. We demonstrate honesty and integrity in our work. We treat everyone with respect.

We put common goals ahead of individual goals.

We help each other succeed. We work as a team, each doing our part. We'd like to be the special forces of networking.

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

We sweat the details. We keep everything ship-shape. We're always professionals, and we don’t give customers any reason to complain.

The grind never stops.

We pursue growth through sustained effort and continuous improvement. We focus on process as a competitive advantage. We reward energy, enthusiasm, and tenacity.

This should be fun.

We hire people we’d like to spend time with. We try not to takes ourselves too seriously. We find a way to laugh, even when things go wrong.

Our Partners
IMG_0392 Ubiquiti

High-performance Wi-Fi access points, wireless clients, and management tools


Point-to-multipoint access points and subscriber modules


Point-to-point millimeter-wave
Gigabit backhaul links


Affordable, scalable Wi-Fi network components and management tools


Network switches, accessories,
cables, and connectors


Optical network terminals and fiber head-end equipment


Routers, switches, network management software, and network security products


Our Crew

Our Openings

Cabling Wizard

Lots of guys can pull Cat5 and fiber, and some can punch down a patch panel or splice quickly and cleanly. We’re looking for much more — a cabling wizard who has enough experience to find creative solutions, supervise a team, and produce the kind of quality work that sets our company apart.

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Operations Ace

There’s organized, and then there’s Organized. If you color-code your calendars and can’t wait for tax season, you qualify. And if you enjoy telling people what to do, we have a great job for you. Come demonstrate your managerial abilities as quarterback of our operations team.

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Networking Genius

We're looking for someone who knows routing, switching, JunOS, DC power systems, MPLS, and VPLS. Someone who’s capable of designing a 10Gbps network from scratch. Someone who can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Do you have that "very particular set of skills?"

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Ready to Communicate?

Behind our name is the yellow and blue signal flag "Kilo." Before Marconi invented radio transmissions, sailing ships would send messages using a series of flags, each with its own meaning. The K flag signaled that a ship was "ready to communicate," and we use it in our logo as a reminder of the long history of wireless communication.